We have been innovating in the field of Microtissue Engineering, with accomplishment in the theoretical elucidation and technological translation. Microtissue Engineering integrates biomaterials, microfabrication, biophysical and gene editing technologies to engineer and fine-tune the microscale 3D cell or tissue microenvironments. Microtissue Engineering provides innovative and effective tools and solutions for cell/tissue engineering, regenerative medicine, drug screening and pathological study. Our main research interests are: 

1. Establishment of biomechanically and biochemically tailored microniches for large-scale and high-quality cell and organoid manufacture; 

2. Development of Cell Formulation Technologies based on microniche engineering and extraction to realize targeted, efficient and safe regenerative therapy;

3.  Establishment of in vitro 3D biomimetic models for high-throughput therapeutics screening and pathological investigation of fibrotic diseases.