Welcome to the Laboratory for Multi-scale Biosystems Engineering (MBE) in the Department of Biomedical Engineering (BME), School of Medicine, Tsinghua University.  

We have been innovating in the field of Microtissue Engineering, with accomplishment in the theoretical elucidation and technological translation. Microtissue Engineering integrates biomaterials, microfabrication, biophysical and gene editing technologies to engineer and fine-tune the microscale 3D cell or tissue microenvironments. Microtissue Engineering provides innovative and effective tools and solutions for regenerative medicine, drug discovery and pathology study. We focus on establishment of stem cell microenvironment, immune cell microenvironment as well as fibrosis pathological microenvironments, the mechanism investigation of cell-cell, cell-matrix interactions and their translational applications in regenerative medicine.  

We are working in highly cross-disciplinary, cross-scale and innovation-driven areas, providing unlimited opportunities for creative and ambitious minds. Welcome to join us in MBE at Tsinghua BME and Let's Do It!